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Save on fuel, labour costs, accidents and insurance costs.

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Fleet Management Made Easy

With our comprehensive, cloud-based fleet management solution you can easily monitor and control your fleet. Meet stringent requirements across all industries with real-time reporting and access to key data. We are the total solution for GPS-enabled fleet management.

Know more about your drivers

The GoLocate telematics system is designed to help fleet management and drivers optimize fleet effectiveness. The system provides critical information required to make informed decisions about vehicle usage, driver activity, driver performance and fuel costs.

Hit your Environmental Goals

Boost your driving efficiency with GPS location. The GoLocate telematics hub tells you how much you're driving, what it’s costing and where those emissions are coming from. With every mile, you can choose how to offset your impact, whether that’s by planting a tree or supporting carbon reduction programs.

Buy today, track tomorrow

GoLocate offers a highly secure, scalable, flexible and sophisticated solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your business within hours.

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